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Descendent of the Holy Knights Damascus Steel Templar Knight Sword

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The Templar Knights were among the most skilled fighting units during the crusades. The most distinct characteristic of the Templar Knights was the large cross they brandished on their clothing and weapons. The 30.75” Damascus blade of this replica Templar sword is forged from blended 1095 and 15N20 steel, and folded 400-520 times to form the gorgeous rippling water effect. The smooth contoured handle is made from stained red wood, with an insert of pure brass to add interest. The cross guard and large octagonal pommel are also made from pure brass. Adorned on the pommel is a large templar cross to show your pride for your heritage. Included is a thick tooled leather sheath to house your sword. Overall Length: 40 inches, Blade Length: 30.75