Crusader Knight Replica Longsword

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With three cross pattees on the antique finished guard and a large one on the pommel, this sword is well representative of the medieval Western Christian military orders who led the Crusades into the Holy Land. Features a 23 inch stainless steel blade. Constructed of wood with a leather wrap, the scabbard has a cast metal chafe and locket which both feature ornate designs including a celtic knot on the locket. The cast metal handle features a black lacquer finish for a glossy shine. Overall Length: 29.5 Inches Blade Length: 23 Inches Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Mirror polished finish Blade Thickness: 3.00mm Handle Length: 5.75 Inches Handle Material: Cast metal Includes: Leather wrapped wood scabbard

*Please note that all symbols featured on items are historically relevant as it may pertain to those certain items and this firm holds absolutely no sympathy to any group/group who have adopted these symbols for their own purposes.

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