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Colonial Leather Pirate Tricorn

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Perfect for a pirate costume or Colonial period and American Revolutionary War Re-creation, this tricorn is a perfect reproduction of actual head wear popular throughout the 18th century. Worn then as both civilian dress as well as part of military and naval uniforms, the tricorn features a very broad brim stitched up on both sides of the head as well as to the front to produce a triangular shape. This design feature is actually useful as a form of gutter- when rain or other debris falls onto the hat it is funneled through and deposited through the ends away from the face. This made the hat ideal for use by pirates which is arguably the lasting image of the hats use. Crafted from high quality brown leather with a durable and hardy construction, this hat is a great addition to any pirate costume or colonial outfit. Circumference: 60CM Length: 14 Inches Width: 13.5 Inches.