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Leather Sea Rover Pirate Handmade Pouch

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Sometimes being a marauder is a tough job.  Always at sea and roaming from port to port; just seems like you are always on the go.  Besides your sword and the clothes on your back you have very few belongs but how to keep them with you at all times?  Maybe you should try the Leather Sea Rover Pirate Handmade Pouch.  It is constructed completely out of leather and handmade.  The belt loop can fit a large pirate belt or sash and there is an awesome yet fearsome Jolly Roger emblem on the front.  I mean as a Pirate you have to mark all your belongings with a Jolly Roger so everyone will know you are a rough and dangerous scallywag.  Actually, come to think of it this pouch may be too good for a Pirate. I mean it is hand sewn with steel studs and a decorative emblem.  Yeah, too good but whos to say Pirates cant have nice things. So if you are a Pirate who fancies the finer things in life the Leather Sea Rover Pirate Handmade Pouch is just the pouch for you.

Overall Length: 11 Inches
Overall Width: 7.50 Inches
Belt Loop Size: 3 Inches
Material: Leather
Color: Black
Closure: Lace

Genuine Leather
Beautiful Black Color
Jolly Roger Emblem