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Tricorn Military 18th Century Handmade Hat

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The Tricorn hat is basically a brimmed hat three sides turned up so that, looking down on it from above, it forms a triangle. They were particularly worn by the military. Often you would see a soldier who would often rest a rifle or musket on their left shoulder, to wear the tricorn pointed above their left eyebrow to allow better clearance. The laced sides could also be lowered to better protect from the weather.  This elegant hat is handcrafted from full grain leather that has been treated with a crunch brown finish.  When putting together a historical costume the tricon hat is a staple for military, civilian, and pirate outfits alike. You can dress it up or down, add feathers, or emblems whatever you like with the tricorn hat anything is possible.

Overall Length: 17 Inches
Overall Width: 10.25 Inches
Head Circumference: 24 Inches
Material: Full Grain Treated Leather

Color: Crunch Brown
Size: X-Large
Full Grain Treated Leather
Pirate Tricorn Design