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Ancient Roman Legionary Gladius Sword with Scabbard

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The Gladius is a sword that was used by Roman legionary from 3rd century BC to 3rd century AD as a secondary weapon for close combat. These heavy infantrymen would first throw their javelin (pila) to disable their enemies’ shield before closing in and engaging in swordfight. This Gladius is a replica of those used on the Roman battlefield, and is made to be used. The blade is forged from 1095 steel, with a double edge for cutting, and comes to a sharp point for thrusting and stabbing which is typically what these swords were used for. This sword is full tang and fully functional. The blade comes dull, but can be sharpened and ready for battle. The handle is wrapped in excellent-quality brown leather and contoured with ridges that comfortably fit each finger. The bolster and pommel are both made of antiqued brass. A brown leather-wrapped wooden scabbard with antiqued brass decorative fittings is included to house your sword when not in use. Overall Length: 29 inches, Blade Length: 21.5 inches, Guard Length: 3 inches