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Ancient Greece Italo-Corinthian Helmet with Black Plume

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Corinthian helmets are unarguably one of the most popular helmets ever made. You can see evidence of this not just in medieval armor across vast cultures, but in pop culture as well, and for good reason. Although Corinthian Helmets were originally forged of bronze, this version is made from high-quality 20-gauge stainless steel. This Italo-Corinthian helmet features vertical cheek guards and gives protection to the face, head and neck. The top of the helmet is larger and contoured to offer better impact resistance. A large curved projection covers and protects the nape of the neck. The plume is made from 100% natural horse hair. Though plumes do not have any protective value, it can make the wearer look more imposing on the battlefield. This helmet would make a beautiful décor piece, but it is fully intended to be worn in battle. Overall Length (with Plume): 18 inches, Circumference: 27 inches