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Ancient Greek Hoplite Greaves

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Solidly constructed from 18 gauge steel and polished to a sleek and pristine look, these greaves are authentic reproductions of the ancient Grecian model that first popularized the trend. Consisting of a single rounded metal plate that protects the front of the leg, the rear is open to allow for greater mobility and range of movement. Adjustable leather straps can tailor the greave to fit any size wearer. While authentic ancient Greek greaves were made from bronze, that is only because bronze was the dominant metal of the time period, these offer superior protection at a more cost efficient price and are ideal for any re-enactor who wants to ensure the safety of his legs. Overall Length: 15.5 Inches Width: 7.5 Inches Steel Gauge: 18G Fitment: Adult Sizes Features: Adjustable Leather Straps