Knights Templar Brass Trimmed Crusader Practice Helmet Without Liner | Black |

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The Great Helm was a popular helmet used during the High Middle Ages around the time period of the Crusades. This flat-topped cylinder of 20-gauge steel completely covers the head and has small openings for the eyes, providing the absolute most protection possible for combat. A slight curve to the top of the helm helps deflect and lessen the impact of blows. A pure brass crucifix visor adorns the front of the helm. Add padding or lining to make this helm fully functional and ready for practice combat while providing a custom comfortable fitment. This style of helm can easily withstand heavy blows, which is why it is still popular for practice, LARP and reenactment to this day! Forehead Circumference: Approximately 30.5 inches, Height: Approximately 14.25 inches, Width: Approximately 10.5 inches

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