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Yuji Treasure Blutsauger Anime Broadsword

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This Yuji Treasure Blutsauger Anime Broadsword is based off the treasure tool that Shana and Yuji use in the anime and manga Shakugan, or Burning Eyes.  Blutsauger is Japanese for vampire and this ones main ability is to inflict wounds on anything it touches.  In the show, this Treasure Tool is inherently very heavy to the point that dropping it flat on the ground would leave a slight indentation on the ground.  Yuji is the one who constantly uses Blutsauger as a weapon even when he was contracted with the Snake of the Festival.  This replica is a full tang 1045 high carbon steel version, with a blade that is angled and mildly sharpened though you could hone it to your preference with a whetstone.  The unusual style handle grip is just one of the features that make this sword an accurate cosplay or costume piece.  The free black nylon sheath included features a long zipper and an adjustable back strap.  Whether youd like to be Shana, Yuji or Sorath this broadsword can help you channel the Power of Existence!

Overall Length: 35.25 Inches
Blade Length: 26.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4mm, Tapered
Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Oiled for Preservation
Blade Finish: Satin  
Handle Length: 9 Inches
Handle Materials: Painted Yellow Wood
Design: Assassins Sword, Fantasy Katar