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Medieval Norman Knights One Handed Broadsword

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As befits their descendancy from the Vikings, the Normans were a warlike culture and prized mounted soldiers. The Norman cavalry were to form the basis for medieval knights and what we now look at as "Chivalry" stems from the Norman codes of conduct on the battlefield. Norman knights carried broadswords with a straight blade like medieval Europe. They were primarily used for cutting and slashing, though it could also be used for thrusting. It was similar to the longswords used by the Vikings. This Norman sword has a blade that has been constructed from carbon steel and comes slightly oiled with a dull edge for re-enactments.  The cross guard, grip, and pommel are a golden aluminum alloy with simple decorative designs.  This sword is heavy and solidly built.  The tang is threaded and tightened with a pommel nut.  Included is a wooden scabbard that has been wrapped in leather and hand sewn. The scabbard chape and locket are made from aluminum with a golden finish to match the hilt. The locket also features a frog stud. This sword will make a great addition to any medieval collection.

Overall Length: 36 Inches
Blade Length: 30 Inches
Blade Material: Hand Forged Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 6 Inches
Guard Width: 5.25 Inches
Scabbard: Leather Wrap, Aluminum Accents
Tang: Threaded

Hand Forged
Carbon Steel
Leather Wrap, Aluminum Fittings on Scabbard