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Warriors Return Roman Gladius Sword

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The Roman Empire was one of the of the longest reigning empires in the history of mankind. The rule lasted for over 2,000 years and wasnt at any point, in danger of being overthrown. Much of this dominance was due to the amount of man power that the empire was able to provide and also the advancements in weaponry. Swords like the Warriors Return Roman Gladius Sword were one of the advances in weaponry that made people stop and take notice. With the solid wooden handle, much of the weight was taken off of the sword for easy wielding. The square pommel helps give the sword a sense of solidity without cracking the blade in intense battles. The blade is constructed of carbon steel with a factory edge. Included is a sheath that has been hand stitched with leather covering a wooden scabbard. Fine brass fittings and double lashing rings on both sides to facilitate hip or back carry by means of cord or straps of your choosing. The chape at the end of the scabbard also comes in brass to mimic the same design as the locket. Get the Warriors Return Roman Gladius Sword to accent your costume in your next re-enactment.

Material: Carbon Steel
Total Length: 31 in
Handle Length: 8 in.
Handle Grip Width: 1 in.
Handle Guard Width: 3 in.
Handle Guard Thickness: 1.5 in.
Blade Length: 23 in
Blade Max Width: 1.8 in.

Scabbard Material: Wood, Leather, Brass
Length: 26.5
Width: 2.5
Thickness: 1.25