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Viking Warpath Functional Battle Axe

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If you know what youre doing any normal everyday item can be used as a weapon.  Take the everyday Viking farmer for instance.  Just chopping wood like any other normal day around the farm then whats this, the village King has just ordered all available Viking men to board a boat to Wessex to pillage and bring him back some goods and Voila! A wood chopping axe just became a deadly weapon of destruction.  Now you are on your way to pillage, plunder, and spread mayhem with your trusty axe and what an axe it is too.  It is made from forged iron steel with a darkened finish.  The handle is constructed of wood that has been contoured, stained, and sealed.  The end features a lanyard hole to strap it to your pack. The head come is traditional Viking battle axe style with a blunt lower heel of the bit so you can hang it on you shield without any damage. This axe is great for re-enactments so go out there and show them what you got.

Overall Length: 20.75 Inches
Overall Width: 1.40 Inches
Thickness: 10.10mm
Blade Length: 4.82 Inches
Blade Material: Forged Iron Steel
Head Length: 6.82 Inches
Handle Length: 18 Inches
Handle Material: Wood
Handle Width: 1.75 Inches
Handle Thickness: 1.13 Inch

Rustic Finish
Fully Functional
Hand Forged