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Life Fury Viking Function War Axe

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This war axe is something to behold with its powerful blade and durable handle. Step onto the battle field with rage in your veins, death in your heart, and this axe in your palms.  As a Berserker you are unstoppable. Bare chested donning your bear pelt you are ready. You look down at your axe with its forged carbon steel blade and wonder how many lives will be taken today. You thumb over the rough antique finish as the edge thirsts for blood.  All it takes is one swift blow.  The handle is smooth to the touch with a warm rich finish that reminds you of home .Awe to be there now.  Etched near the blade is Yggdrasil better known as the tree of life.  As the tree waivers Ragnarok begins. With the fierce growl of a bear you rush in as judge, jury, and executioner.  With every swing limbs fly and enemies fall but you cant stop.  Only when your axes fall so will you but with this blade it wont be today. Overall Length: 30.25 Inches.