Unshakable Pride Miniature 20G Steel Home Office Décor Display Viking Helm Helmet w/ Chainmail Feature & Iron Stand Included

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Viking helmets were notably more open than other types of helmets; mostly covering the top with a nose and/or eye guard and occasionally featuring pieces along the sides of the face. The Unshakable Pride Miniature Viking Helmet is a beautiful recreation of a medieval Viking helmet. The eye and nose guard are clearly visible and feature linework to elevate the design authenticity. Chainmail is attached to the back of the helmet which would have been to protect against slashing attacks. The helmet arrives with the chainmail already attached so this piece does not have any major assembly. The Unshakable Pride Mini Viking Helmet comes with an iron stand so this piece can be displayed right out of the box. Helmet Overall Length: 4 Inches. Weight: 1.1 lbs.

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