Distant Ambitions Miniature 20G Steel Templar Crusader Great Helm Helmet Replica w/ Brass Accents & Iron Stand Included

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Across vast expanses of land, the crusade pressed onward into battle after battle. The great helm, while lacking in ventilation, provided full protection with very few vulnerable areas. The Distant Ambitions Mini 20G Great Helm is a replica of one of the most iconic helmets to grace human history. Providing full protection and a daunting image, this helmet was used widely but most famously in the crusades. A brass cross adorns the front reinforcing the eye holes and ventilation holes. Included with the Distant Ambitions Miniature Display Crusader Helmet is an iron stand so this helmet can be displayed right out of the box. Helmet Overall Length: 5 Inches. Weight: 1.1 lbs.

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