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Under Your Spell 9.8 Million Volt Self Defense Stun Gun

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Alright Ladies, now we all know that we have to be careful when we are out and about by ourselves.  Sometimes being careful isnt always enough. The Under Your Spell 9.8 Million Volt Self Defense Stun Gun gives you peace of mind with added protection right in the palm of your hand.  The sleek black design with a comfortable ABS construction makes this a must have accessory and fits easily in your bag. A stun gun works by paralyzing a body and making it fall to the ground. This is because the voltage running into the body stops the electrical neurotransmitters coming from the brain for a short period of time. This allows you time to get away from an attacker.  To re-charge your stun gun a built in wall charger with an indicator light is provided.  For safety this stun gun comes with a safety pin and wrist strap so that if an attacker manages to get the stun gun away from you it deactivates and cannot be used. A flashlight function is provided because who doesnt need a flashlight. This magnificent stun gun also comes with a nylon sheath with belt loop so you can conceal it say under a coat. You wont have to fear those long walks to your car ever again.

Overall Length: 4.13 Inches
Width: 2.13 Inches
Material: Rubberized ABS Body, Alloy High Voltage Generators
Battery: Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable
Includes: Internal Wall Charger, Flashlight, Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop
Color: Black

Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Batteries
Rubberized ABS Body
Safety Pin
Internal Wall Charger
Nylon Sheath w/ Belt Loop