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Military 9.8 Million Volt Night Raid Flashlight Stun Gun

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Even with being a part of our big bad military you still need to protect yourself if you are walking your dog or PTing in the early hours. The Military 9.8 Million Volt Night Raid Flashlight Stun Gun can do just that for you.  With the ferocity of 9.8 million volts coming their way no one is going to mess with you.  Just hearing the electric crackle is enough to make your skin crawl. This stun gun is made of aircraft grade aluminum making it durable yet lightweight. A wall charger is included so you dont have to worry about replacing batteries. You also have the choice of a standard continuous light or a strobe mode.  The strobe is triggered by two clicks of the "on" button. This function is very popular with law enforcement. The Military 9.8 Million Volt Night Raid Flashlight Stun Gun is great even if you arent in the military or law enforcement because everyone needs protection sometimes. This stun gun delivers an electric shock aimed at temporarily disrupting muscle functions and/or causing pain without significantly hurting the person. This allows one time to get away from their attacker.  Always take precaution and protect yourself the best you can by being prepared.

Overall Length: 9.38 Inches
Overall Width: 1.88 Inch (At Widest Point)
Volt: 9.8 Million Volt
Power Source: Ni-Ca Battery, Rechargeable
Construction: Aircraft Grade Aluminum, HA III Anodic Oxidation
Includes: Steel Belt Clip, 220V/110V Wall Charger

Ni-Ca Battery
LED Light with Strobe
Wall Charger (220v/110v)
Indicator Light