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Throwing Stars Mini Shinobi Pro Set

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Contrary to popular belief, shuriken were not originally intended as a killing weapon, but for more of a distraction. They would either be thrown at the target from a hiding place, or lodged into the ground for the target to step on. Sometimes the possessor would even coat them in poison. It is often said that shuriken were carried by people who practice ninjutsu (AKA ninjas), but actually they were usually carried by samurai or ashigaru soldiers. This set of 4 Ninja Shuriken Throwing Stars are forged from stainless steel, and are double sided for effortless penetration. Superior weight, balance and aerodynamic surfaces have made these into the perfect set of throwing stars.

Diameter: 2.5 Inches. Construction: Stainless Steel, Silver, Double Edge. Features: Weighted, Balanced.