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Source of Lightning Throwing Star 3pcs Set

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The ninja running between the trees fast as shadows concealed and invisible and the brilliantly shining, armored knights of old seem to be different in every way possible but if you look closely, their mission is similar. Protect the people. Be kind, generous, respectful, and selfless. This is the Source of Lightning Throwing Star 3pcs Set; a strange but interesting collision of throwing stars, a staple of ninja, and the Maltese cross, a longtime symbol of knights. Combined, the result is a powerful honor as well as a stunning visual. The Maltese cross dead center surrounded by lightning pushing into the face of the points. This is a three piece set with a 4 point, 5 point, and an 8 point throwing star as well as a black nylon carrying case for safe carry. Overall Diameter: 3 inches. Weight: 0.2 lbs.