Tethered Existence 39” Samurai Katana | Bushido Shogunate Tokugawa Family Kamon Crest Japanese Historical Replica Sword

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Wrapped in chains to stay with me; decorated and intricate, red and black with gold filament peeking through. The Tethered Existence Decorative Katana is glorious. The handle is textured red ABS over wood with black vinyl twisting over it in the classic katana braids. These braids extend into the scabbard with a patterned gold brocade glinting underneath. The guard is in a looping, almost floral, shape. The red part of the scabbard is aluminum with the Tokugawa family crest stamped along it. A length of black chain is affixed to the scabbard and another one hangs freely from the pommel of the sword with a charm on it. The blade is stainless steel with the classic katana wave along its length. The blade is dull so the Tethered Existence can be used for cosplay, costumes, or display. Overall Length: 39 Inches. Weight: 2.3 lbs.

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