Pits of Hell Skeleton Skull Samurai Katana | Japanese Shogunate Tokugawa Family Kamon Crest Bushido Historical Replica Sword

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Jolting, wide movements against the blade. The flames flicker. The Pits of Hell Katana is a gorgeous, skeletal katana. The pommel of the sword is beautifully formed into a skull shape which continues into a full skeleton down the handle which is composed of ABS. The aluminum guard is detailed with a skull and cross bones as well as goat skull motifs. The scabbard features black vinyl twisting over gold brocade which is over the red aluminum base of the scabbard; a chain is attached to this section to add some movement to the design. The section toward the tip features the Tokugawa family crest or kamon on the red aluminum on both sides. The stainless-steel blade of the Pits of Hell Katana is perfectly dull for maximum safety during photo shoots or cosplaying. Overall Length: 40.25 Inches. Weight: 3.1 lbs.

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