Summoner’s Charm Damascus Clip Point Automatic Switchblade Lever Lock Knife

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  • AUTOMATIC: This switchblade is automatic. Simply press down on the lever lock on the handle and the blade will spring out. Please take care in hand placement when deploying the knife.
  • LEVER LOCK: The lever lock on the handle of the switchblade can flip up or down. When the lever is in the up position the knife cannot be deployed. When the lever is in the down position, simply press it further down and the blade will deploy.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This fascinating design is unique to our store and can’t be found anywhere else. The Damascus steel blade ensures that each knife will feature a unique array of curves and swirls in the blade.
  • DAMASCUS BLADE: The blade is hand forged Damascus steel. Damascus steel is sturdy and durable as well as unique; each blade has in own fingerprint amid the curves and swirls imprinted in the metal.
  • CLIP POINT BLADE: The clip point blade perfectly compliments the style of the handle and the Damascus steel it is forged from.


Light shines from the intricately drawn circle on the floor. A myriad of foreign words spoken and something rises from the smoke to be bound to an equally intricate blade. The Summoner’s Charm Damascus Clip Point Automatic Lever Lock Switchblade is uniquely designed with a beautiful Damascus clip point blade, a sturdy Micarta grip, and a secure lever lock on the handle. A gorgeous semicircle design present on the back of the knife from the guard to the pommel as well as a geometric circular design on the handle itself gives the knife an almost ceremonial feel. This automatic switchblade is perfectly hand held with a 4.95-inch handle. This switchblade has not been tested to bind demons.

Overall Length: 9.2 Inches
Blade Length: 4.25 Inches
Blade Width: 0.85 Inch
Blade Thickness: 1.96 mm
Blade Style: Clip Point
Blade Construction: Damascus steel
Handle Construction: Micarta Composite
Handle Length: 4.95 Inches
Includes: Leather sheath
Features: automatic deployment, lever lock

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