Hive Mind Automatic Large Damascus XL Lever Lock Clip Point Switchblade Knife

SKU: 10A5-DLL2917
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The Hive Mind XL Automatic Switchblade is an automatic switchblade with a lever lock affixed to the guard for deployment of the blade as well as to keep the blade from deploying when not in use. The grips are wood that has been dyed a striated yellow and black. The frame holding the grips is steel and the hardware as well as both bolsters are pure brass which compliments the dual-colored grips beautifully. The lever on this automatic switchblade is brass, too. If you press it down then the stunning Damascus steel blade will spring out from the left side of the handle and lock into the upright position. Simply press and hold the lever back down and you can guide the blade back into the handle. Flip the lever up and the blade cannot deploy. For even safer and easier carry you can then put the Hive Mind XL Lever Lock Switchblade in the complimentary genuine leather sheath that it comes with and take it on the go. Overall Length: 10.88 Inches. Weight: 0.75 lbs.

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