Suede Middle Ages Simple Elizabethan Coin Purse

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During the Elizabethan era, womens skirts expanded to enormous proportions. Consequently, small medieval girdle purses were easily lost in the large amounts of fabric. Rather than wear girdle pouches outside on their belt, women began to wear their pouches under their skirts. Bags or purses would enable them variously to secrete small valuables, such as jewels and money, close to the body; to attend to personal hygiene and comfort, with the aid of such as a comb and a mirror. The drawstring pouch you see here is constructed from soft suede that has been hand sewn. This simple yet lovely piece comes with an extra-long lace so that you can tie this money pouch to your belt under a coat or cape.  Complete your period attire with this exquisite handmade purse.

Overall Length: 8.38 Inches
Overall Width: 5 Inches
Material: Suede

Style: Drawstring with Leather Lace
Color: Brown

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