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Middle Ages Daily Life Suede Belt Pouch

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Medieval clothing barely had pockets so pouches were essential for both men and women. In this regard they were indispensable, and apart from holding documents it was very useful for keeping together personal items such as money, keys, seal, strike-a-light, spectacles, comb, ear scoop, dice, etc., This suede pouch comes in a draw string style with a leather lace.  Large enough to house several personal items this spacious pouch is a must.  The wide 3 inch loop will ensure that it will fit most belts.   Accent a Renaissance style costume with this beauty and tie your goods up tight there might be pickpockets afoot.

Overall Length: 7.50 Inches
Overall Width: 6.50 Inches
Material: Suede
Loop Size: 3 Inches

Style: Drawstring with Leather Lace
Color: Black