Steel Barricade Reenactment Costume Hand Forged Functional Medieval Historical Replica Boar Spearhead

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The boar spearhead was a hunting spearhead used during medieval times and it is characterized by the protrusions on either side of the shaft of the spearhead. The Steel Barricade Boar Spearhead is a hand forged spearhead with a curved blade and a rounded center ridge on the blade. This spearhead arrives predrilled so it is ready to be mounted to a shaft right out of the box. Composed of high carbon steel, this spearhead is durable and strong for reenactment and costume authenticity. Traditionally, the protrusions were to stop aggressive animals and keep them at a distance after stabbing them with the blade. The Steel Barricade Boar Spearhead is perfect for any medieval enthusiast or reenactor. Overall Length: 18.38 Inches. Weight: 2.65 lbs.

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