Coup De Grâce Medieval Functional Triple Edge Templar Knight Predrilled Historical Replica Halberd Spearhead

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Sometimes a design cannot be argued; cannot be reasoned to be altered. The Coup De Grâce Halberd Spearhead is a halberd head which can be affixed to a handle of any kind allowing for a handmade, personalized handle of your choice or creation. The halberd head has 3 cross cutouts on the main facing blade for a knightly, templar design, a tall top spike, and a curved back spike. Composed of high carbon steel, this halberd is just as durable as it is large. The overall length of the halberd head is 22.86 inches and the width from the edge of the back spike to the main blade is 10.75 inches. The Coup De Grâce Halberd Spearhead comes with a predrilled shaft so it is ready to be mounted onto a handle of your choice upon arrival. Overall Length: 22.86 Inches. Weight: 3 lbs.

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