Solemn Mission Medieval Arming Dagger Knightly Costume Cosplay Historical Reenactment Knife w/ Hard Scabbard

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The mission is righteous and the cost of freedom is high but the strong do not falter or hesitate. The Solemn Mission Medieval Dagger is a gorgeous stainless-steel dagger with intricate carvings from the pommel to the tip of the scabbard’s chape. Crusader imagery is featured from the templar cross carved into the pommel to the crusaders on horseback featured on the center of the guard. Along the handle and scabbard are copper colored circles where these crusader symbols are featured. Included with the Solemn Mission Medieval Dagger is a hard scabbard that matches the handle of the dagger. This dagger is perfect for any collector, cosplayer, or reenactor. Overall Length: 15.75 Inches. Weight: 0.55 lbs.

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