Medieval Fencing Carbon Steel Knightly Dagger

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The EN-45 Carbon Steel blade has a Rockwell hardness of 50-55. The safety edge makes this double sided blade perfect for safe contact fencing practice, but can be professionally sharpened for functionality. Rigidity is this daggers highlight as the central ridge goes the full length across the blade.

The solid steel chrome plated guard has a satin finish and spans 5 inches. Solid steel covers the tang of the dagger and is tightly wrapped with spiral braided steel wire. The solid steel pommel is polished and adds significant weight balancing to the overall handling. You can see the tang of the blade is hand forged to the pommel. A Genuine cow hide leather sheath is included with the Knightly Dagger. It can be fitted to a belt and features a steel end and a securing leather strap. Overall Length: 22.5 Inches. Blade Length: 16.5 Inches. Handle: 4 Inches, Spiral Braided Steel Wire. Sheath: Genuine Cow Hide Leather, Steel Fitting.
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