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Rose Killer II Dual Action OTF Automatic Drop Point Knife

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9C8, AS 8PA14-55C
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Our Rose Killer II has a dual action mechanism so you can open and close the blade in one swift motion. OTF are mechanical dual action opening knives that use a function of a button or slider to deploy and retract the blade. The blade is made from stainless steel featuring an electroplate Rose Gold mirror polish finish and a streak of silver. The drop point style features a super sharp double edge blade. The blade also features a blood groove with four holes making it a well-balanced knife. The handle is made of zinc alloy and held together with six torc screws. The coating gives a smooth slightly rubber feel which is known as Cerakote. This coating protects from abrasions, wear, and corrosion. This knife isnt just for Righties but Lefties can take advantage of this fabulous knife since the slider is centered in the middle. The handle sports a rose gold finish glass breaker for emergencies purposes or for self defense. A matching rose gold steel pocket clip is provided with our unique BA Knives logo. For further protection you will receive a tactical quick release nylon sheath with a velcro belt loop. Overall Length: 9.25 Inches, Blade Length: 3.75 Inches