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Devastator Lightning OTF Black Serrated Drop Point Automatic Dual Action Knife

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Once you have your hands on this amazing automatic out the front knife, you’ll wonder why you ever wanted anything else. This knife is a MUST HAVE for any OTF enthusiast or knife collector. The stainless-steel blade is formed into a drop point style, which is perfect for everyday use. Partial serration on the belly of the blade implements a sawing ability, making this knife a multipurpose tool. Not only is this knife beautiful, but it is also quick and deadly. The trigger can be used to deploy the blade almost instantly. We put the trigger on the side of the zinc alloy handle to make this knife sleek and easier to carry. The handle is coated with a matte black finish and given a rough texture for better grip. A pocket clip is mounted on the handle. Included with your purchase is a free black quick release sheath complete with belt loop.

Heavy Duty
Dual Action
Out the Front
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Drop Point Style
Partial Serration
Two-Toned Finish
Handle Material: Zinc Alloy; Matte Black Finish
Textured Grip
Silver Pocket Clip/Hardware
Silver Firing Button
Overall Length: 7.85 Inches
Blade Length: 3.25 Inches
Handle Length: 4.55 Inches