Real Tree Yellow Camouflage Lightning OTF Dual Action Knife

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Lightning knives are renowned for their durability as well as quick-action capabilities. Just push the slide on the side of the handle and you’ll see what I mean. This knife is dual action, meaning you can use the switch located on the side of the handle to deploy and retract the two-toned stainless-steel drop point blade at breakneck speed. The partial serration on the belly of the blade makes this knife a multi-purpose tool capable of sawing through rope or cord. When not deployed, the blade is encased in the zinc allow handle that features a yellow real tree camouflage finish with a textured pattern for excellent grip no matter what the weather conditions might be. Six hefty silver hex screws hold the handle together, and a sleek silver pocket clip makes it to where you can carry your knife wherever you go. If you would prefer your knife stay concealed but still convenient to carry, we’ve also provided a free black sheath with snap closure. Overall Length: 7.85 inches



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