Quickdraw Outlaw Colt 45 Sword Cane w/ Free-Spinning Chamber

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Take a breath. Calm your mind and get the target in your sights. Exhale and shoot. The Quickdraw Outlaw Sword Cane is a beast of a cane. A 29.75-inch-long shaft is capped with a rubber end cap for scratch resistance. The handle of this cane is modeled after the Colt 45 Single Action Army Special revolver and features a free-spinning chamber to give the design even more authenticity. A lone star is featured on the grips of the revolver handle. The handle twists off to reveal a stainless-steel blade affixed to the end of the barrel. Both sides of Quickdraw Outlaw’s blade are dull which make this cane perfectly safe as well as the perfect costume piece with its dynamic movement and intricate detail. Overall Length: 36.5 Inches. Weight: 1.45 lbs.

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