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Stylish Temple Guardian Sword Cane

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It is sleek with clean lines but as ones eyes climb up towards the handle you start to see very creative elements. The collar is such a small thing but when created with high Gothic arches with a brush metal finish the impact is great. Then you have the handle and oh what a handle it is. It is made from a zinc alloy also with a brushed metal finish.  It comes in a Derby style with the front featuring a ferocious dragon head. Beady black eyes stare straight into your soul.  The snout, mouth, and parts of the face fins are accented with gold.  Not only does a cane have to be stylish and speak volumes about your personality but it has to be safe that is why the bottom features a non-slip tip. Inside is a 10.5 inch stainless steel blade just in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation.  .Overall Length: 36.62 Inches