Peasants Freedom Hand Forged Rope Cutter Arrowhead

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Many people associate arrowheads with the Native American Tribes and other indigenous tribes of the Americas. However, our Peasants Freed Hand Forged Rope Cutter Arrowhead made its birth over 3000 miles away in the European lands. The Rope Cutter Arrowhead or sometimes known as the Crescent Arrowhead was ideal use for capturing short range targets and in some cases like geese, causing decapitation. The bladed center is already sharpened and honed to fit aerodynamics of slicing through the air but also adds a viciousness of a wider and more damaging tip. This arrowhead features a socket attachment point and a crescent-curved arrowhead design. Constructed of iron and hand forged with a blackened aged finish these arrowheads will send your enemy running. These arrows head were in splitting sails and cutting rigging of inbound or retreating ships. Sometimes in the heat of battle they could be used to cut hocks of horses and laces on lamellar armor. This unique arrowhead was not widely known and would sure to be the envy in a Renaissance re-enactment.

Material: Iron
Base Length: 2 in.
Min Head Width: 1.5 in.
Head Length: 2.0 in.
Max Head Height: 3.5 in.
Arrow Hole Size: 0.30 in.
Complete Length: 4.00 in.

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