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Medieval Smoke Kitchen Cartouche Full Tang Knife

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European medieval kitchens were dark, smoky, and sooty places, whence their name "smoke kitchen". It was sometimes not an ideal place to work but as head cook you just dealt with it and your many other trying tasks. It was necessary for the Cook to impress the friends of his lord or master. There are many instances on record, such as the event in the year 1302 when Sir Henry Campbell, master of Lamberth Castle, had his Cook imprisoned for serving a meal that was considered poor. If you are trying to prepare a meal to impress than this blade will help you on your way.  It is made from forged iron steel with a full tang construction.  The handle has wooden mounts that has been stained and sealed with a four hole design.  Chop vegetable, slice meat, or mince garlic on your way to creating a perfect meal.

Overall Length: 9.13 Inches
Overall Width: 1.38 Inches
Thickness: 2.93 mm
Blade Length: 5.13 Inches
Material: Forged Iron Steel, Wood

Hand Forged
Full Tang
Drop Point Blade