Complete Kitchen Full Tang DIY Chef’s Knife without Grips

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The Complete Kitchen Full Tang Chef’s Knife is a DIY project. It is a 1095 High Carbon Steel blade with a full tang but no grips around the tang. This means that most of the work is already done and done beautifully in a universal style that will no doubt match any grips you can imagine adding to it. This means that you keep the money and time you would spend on a forge, forging lessons, supplies, and all the time those things take. You can simply get this and affix your own unique grips to it and make it yours. The pin holes in the tang that you can use to put the grips on are 0.12 inch in diameter and any grips you can possibly imagine can be fit onto this knife. The only limit is your imagination so nothing is holding you back from a Complete Kitchen Full Tang Chef’s Knife DIY Project. Overall Length: 12.26 Inches. Weight: 0.35 lbs.

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