Medieval Leather Jack Have a Drink Tankard Mug

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Leather is worked with while wet to shape it easier and once it becomes dry it is known as jack leather.  During the medieval period, leather vessels therefore became known as jacks. The use of the jack continued until Nelsons time when they were known as Boots, hence the naval phrase "Fill up your Boots" meaning "have a drink".   Holding approximately 1/2 pint of beverage, this tankard is expertly handcrafted from thick, high quality heavy saddle leather which serves to keep the vessel strong and sturdy. Lined with waterproof brewers pitch, the tankard is perfectly suitable for cold drinks only. So come and "Fill up your Boots"!

Overall Length: 4.25 Inches
Bottom Width: 3.62 Inches
Top Circumference: 8.2 Inches
Material: Leather

All Leather Handle
Hand Sewn
100% Leather
Broad Base for Vessel Balance
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Low Price Guaranteed
Volume Discounts Available