Backup Blade Full Tang Medieval Inspired Forged Damascus Steel Knightly Replica Double Edge Dagger w/ Genuine Leather Sheath

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It was common for knights to have daggers as a backup in case their sword broke. The Backup Blade Damascus Steel Dagger is a 17.75-inch double edged dagger with a stunning hand forged Damascus steel blade. A fuller runs the center of the blade on both sides to lower and disperse weight. Accompanied by the blade, the guard and pommel are both composed of Damascus steel as well for a clean, unified look. The handle is wrapped in black genuine leather for a comfortable grip and authentic appearance. Included with the Backup Blade Full Tang Dagger is a black genuine leather sheath so your backup can stay with you at all times. Overall Length: 17.75 Inches. Weight: 1.75 lbs.

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