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Leopard Night Watch 4000KV Flashlight Stun Gun

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Protect yourself and feel safe wherever you go with this 2-in-1 handy flashlight and stun gun! This 4000KV rechargeable stun gun is ideal for law enforcement, security guards and civilians due to their extended reach and power. Just the sound of the loud spark alone could send a would-be attacker running for the hills! The flashlight feature can also prove to be extremely useful in emergency situations, such as a power outage. This flashlight stun gun also features a hand lanyard to keep close at hand, and a holster so you can conveniently carry a self defense mechanism by your side when not in use. A charging cord and user manual are also included. Overall Length: 6.75 inches, Power Source: Ni-Ca Battery, Rechargeable; Included: Wall Charger, Nylon Sheath, Hand Lanyard and User Manual