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Handmade Tanners Dream Leather Belt Pouch

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Wearing belt pouches such as the Handmade Tanners Dream Leather Belt Pouch was the norm in the time of the Renaissance.  Trendy items like this pouch were not just a fashion statement but a necessity.  Most if not all clothing did not come equipped with pockets to carry ones valuables so decorative and functional pouches were needed. In these pouches you would finds items like coin, herbs, rose petals, flint, twine, and possibly sewing needles.  The Handmade Tanners Dream Leather Belt Pouch is constructed of durable leather with brass rivets and a large belt loop enabling it to fit on any size belt big or small.  The slip leather closure keeps your small valuables locked up tight. Complete your period costume with the accessory of the time.

Overall Length: 3.25 Inches
Overall Width: 1.75 Inches
Overall Height: 4. 75 Inches
Material: Leather with Brass Studs
Belt Loop: 3 Inches

Brass Decorative Rivets
Belt Loop