Isla De Muerta Skeleon Pirate Captain Figure Statue

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The Isla De Muerta Pirate Captain Statue is a statue of a skeleton pirate holding removable pieces consisting of an axe and a torch. These pieces are completely separate and interchangeable. Both of the pirate’s hands have holes in them to hold either item. The pirate himself is wearing torn clothes that you can see the bone around with old boots, an eyepatch, and a captains hat with his long hair whipping behind him. The base he stands on is a rock scene littered with bones, pearls, a sword, and a piece of broken pottery as if he were confined to Isla de Muerta by a vicious curse. The skeleton pirate statue is composed of resin and aside from the removable torch and axe is all one piece. The detailing is beautifully intricate from the way the captains clothes are billowing in the ominous wind to the attention to detail in the visible bones. The Isla De Muerta skeleton pirate statue is a must have for anyone who has subscribed to the pirates’ life. Drink up me hearties. Overall Length: 9.75 inches. Weight: 1.1 lbs.

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