Inosuke Hashibira Polyurethane Foam Beast Breathing Nichirin Katana Anime Replica Cosplay Prop Sword

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Being raised by Boars in the mountains, Inosuke Hashibira possess a rather abrasive personality which can be noted in his fighting style as well as his choice in weaponry. Unlike most Demon Slayers, Inosuke carries dual Nichirin Katanas, which he has modified heavily by removing the hand guards, wrapping the handles in bandages as well as purposefully creating jagged gashes in the blade’s edge to rip and tear into demon flesh rather than causing a clean cut. Though this seems unorthodox, it is completely fitting for Inosuke and his self-made animalistic combat style known as Beast Breathing that mimics the ferocious and unpredictable nature of wild animals. Now you can posses those same animal-like instincts and run wild with this replica Nichirin Katana!

This full-size replica may be made of foam, but it is certainly no children’s toy. This modified Nichirin sword is composed of polyurethane foam and features a 10 mm fiberglass core. Polyurethane foam is both durable and flexible, and the added fiberglass core creates a strong sword that can be used for cosplay as well as kicking bad guy butt in mock battle. The base of the blade is a matte black and has a jagged edge with a silver Hamon. The handle is molded to resemble a cloth wrapping in white, and is topped by a painted silver pommel. Included with your purchase is solid matte white hard plastic scabbard to house your blades when not in use, though this will not be needed for the character since he does not use them. This lightweight prop is the perfect accessory to complete your cosplay and carry around your next convention. Overall Length: 39.5 inches, Blade Length: 29.5 inches

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