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Heavy Duty Whiskey Outlaw Balisong Damascus Knife

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There are many pros to owning a butterfly knife such as deploying the blade by flipping with one or both hands can look intimidating and flashy; your opponent may hesitate engaging you once hes seen you handle the blade. Pop culture has made the Balisong something to be feared; theres a certain badass vibe to anyone who uses a Balisong. With Pros like these there is no wonder why they are one of the most popular knives today. This blade is made from Damascus steel that has 176 blade layers and is tempered around 54 to 55.  The pattern on the blade is a twist pattern that features swirls and of course twists. The frames of both handles are made from stainless steel. The mounts are made from wood with an oak stain and rainbow effect. At the end of the bite handle is a safety latch. It is no wonder why these knives are one of the most popular knives of today.Overall Length: 8.75 Inches