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Balisong Damascus Public Enemy Pocket Knife

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Butterflies are a great form of entertainment and fun. After mastering the primary opening and closing moves, this trick offers more complex actions that can make even a cheap butterfly knife look good. Not saying this butterfly is cheap. Oh! No! This heavy duty knife comes double walled with quality materials. The blade is made from Damascus steel that has 176 blade layers and is tempered around 54 to 55.  A twist pattern featured on the blade comes with intricate swirls and of course twists. The rainbow finish adds a bit of character to the overall appearance of this knife.  The frames are made from strong stainless steel. All mounts are made from burnt orange ABS with black wisps.  To lock your knife, it comes with a safety latch. In the hands of a prepared client, the blade cutting edge can be brought to endure rapidly utilizing one hand. Controls, called "flipping" or "fanning", are performed for workmanship, fun or diversion.  The different butterfly knife techniques are varied as the imagination of the bearer.Overall Length: 8.75 Inches.