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First Mates Finest Horn Pirate Tankard

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Now we all know that pirates love to drink and drink all types of spirits.  When at port pirates would party hard and become very loud and obnoxious so that the whole town knew that they were there.  Anyone in the local pub or bar would have to join in on the festivities or die.  Refusing to drink with a pirate is a horrible insult and just wouldnt be tolerated.  Imagine walking into your favorite local bar for a nice relaxing drink after work.  Just the thing you need to unwind after a long hard day.  Then while sitting at the bar with your tankard in your when all of a sudden there is a huge ruckus outside and the doors slam open and there they stand a posse of Pirates. Could this day get any worse?  Then the first mate sits down next to you and demands a pint of this establishments best drink.  To your surprise he is served a delicious mouthwatering brew in a First Mates Finest Horn Pirate Tankard.  Then you look at your tankard and you have been served in a First Mates Finest Horn Pirate Tankard.  You feel like this is some sort of trick but no the owner of this bar just has impeccable taste in tankards.   These tankards are made completely out of horn with a stained Pirate Skull carved in the front and hand polished.  Such quality that bartender sure knows his stuff.  Great for re-enactments, theater props, or just having a drink with your friendly pirate at the local bar.

Material: Horn
Cup Height: 5-7 Inches
Handle Size: Approximately 6 Inches
Cup Opening: Approximately 3.25 Inches (Varies)
Space Between Handle: 2 in.
Estimated Capacity: 24-28 oz
Design: Pirate skull
Natural Horn Finish