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Fearing Dark Damascus Steel Fire Glow Pakkawood Handle Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Fire Glow Pakkawood Handle

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When you are walking dark roads or strolling alone through parks at night and start to feel a little anxious, you will be glad to have your Fear of The Dark knife by your side to bring light to the dark!

This knife is made from only the best quality materials. The blade is forged from a blend of 1095 and 15N20 steels, folded together approximately 280-350 times to create the stunning wave-like pattern you see here. This drop point blade has a Rockwell Hardness rating of between 54-56, and runs full tang through the handle. The stunning Fire Glow Pakkawood handle is contoured for a comfortable grip. Included is a tooled leather sheath featuring a belt loop and snap closure for the handle.

 *The leather sheath is brand new and may require some stretching to ensure proper fit of the blade and the snap closure. You can use a bit of machine oil to help with the stretching of the leather. Overall Length: 10 Inches, Blade Length: 5 Inches