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Azure Monster Fixed Blade Damascus Karambit Knife | Hunt For Life

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Writhing waves and parting schools of fish passes a monster, deep azure, sharp, and beautiful. Its textured scales mix colors that make it seem as if you’re staring into perfect blue ocean with a million different hues in each scale. The teeth scarred with lines that mimic the currents and paths of a million creatures that cross the entire world every year. This is a monster, but not just any monster. This is the Azure monster Fixed Blade Damascus Karambit Knife. A Damascus blade with a downright stunning blue handle that has a million different hues with a 1-inch finger hole in the pommel for easy carry. A monster of this caliber can’t just be left loose so this one comes with a sheath befitting of it. Dive on in and find some stormy seas; accompanying this monster, you’ll be just fine no matter how high the waves get.

Overall Length: 9.7 Inches
Blade Length: 4.7 Inches
Blade Width: 1.75 Inch
Blade Thickness: 3.48 mm
Blade Style: Talon Karambit or Hawkbill
Blade Construction: Damascus Steel, 1095 High Carbon, 15N20
Handle Construction: Micarta Composite
Handle Length: 5.45 Inches
Includes: Genuine Leather Sheath
Features: Finger hole in pommel