Farm to Battlefield Medieval High Carbon Steel Hand Forged Historical Replica DIY Build Your Own Billhook

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Originally a farming tool, the billhook was an easy, cheap weapon for a farmer to take to battle when necessary. It was an easily repairable weapon as well as the shaft could be replaced as long as the blade was undamaged. The billhook had a long reach and the curved blade allowed for effective slashing attacks and the option to have more control over the opponent’s weapon. The Farm to Battlefield Medieval Billhook is a classic billhook spearhead with a beautifully curved blade. The shaft’s opening diameter is 1.25 inches and the shaft is undrilled so you can decide where to place the setting nail and even how many securing points you want. The Farm to Battlefield Medieval Billhook comes with a genuine leather sheath for safe carry and storage. Overall Length: 13.75 Inches. Weight: 1.2 lbs.

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